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David Fickling Books is a small story house based in Oxford. Three of us editors work here, David, Bella and Hannah. We choose the very best stories or narratives we can find for people to read. It�s a great job. We don�t choose very many, sometimes as few as just one book a month, sometimes a novel, sometimes a picture book, sometimes poetry...

Grizzly Dad
by Joanna Harrison

Dad woke up in a grrrizzly mood. All morning he groaned and grizzled and grumped. And then he went back to bed! But when I pulled back the covers to see how he was, it wasn�t Dad in bed at all . . . it was a GREAT BIG GRIZZLY BEAR! Read more

The DFB Blog has launched!
18th June 2010
Join Team DFB online for the grand opening of the new DFB blog.
Johnny Swanson reviewed in the Times
1st May 2010
�Eleanor Updale�s Johnny Swanson belongs to this category, and it deserves the highest praise. Best-known for her charming Victorian adventures involving the burglar-turned gentleman spy Montmorency, she has taken an entirely new direction in a tale of a small, lonely boy who gets drawn into a serious crime involving the development of the TB vaccine.� Amanda Craig, The Times , Saturday 1st May 2010.