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By Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank
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The world of MeZolith awaits.

10,000 years ago, the Kansa tribe live on the western shores of the North Sea Basin, where danger is never far away. Each season brings new adventure, each hunt has its risks, and each grim encounter with the neighbouring tribe is fraught with threats. Poika, a boy on the verge of manhood, must play his part and trust the strength and wisdom of his elders. This is a tale of beasts and beauty, man, magic and . . . horror.

Stone Age horror from the DFC Library

Mezolith has a timeless feel and and it is pleasing to say that although there are undeniably educational aspects to the work it is mainly written with the intention of entertaining. It succeeds in this goal with ease. A wonderful graphic novel, highly recommended.
Fantasy Book Review

The art in this book is nothing short of breath-taking as it draws you deeper and deeper into a lush fully realised Stone-Age world. The inhabitants of the tribe's folktales are particularly intriguing creations, lending their beauty and grotesqueness to heighten the horror of these stories, which the more sensitive of younger readers may find a bit scary but will excite the rest. The characters speak with a natural ease that can so often be hard to get right in comics and the pacing is perfectly balanced between the action consequences and the more tender scenes. The marriage of story and art create an evocative and thrilling piece of work.
Liam GeraghtyInis (Ireland)

Mezolith is the most important British graphic novel of the last twenty years... a timeless, engaging and yet unsentimental tale that anyone can read and appreciate. It's not something to put alongside Tintin, it's something to put alongside Dickens or Steinbeck. Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank have created an honest-to-mankind masterpiece which you really should buy as a gift for any friend who appreciates the transformative power of great literature.
Dave MorrisMirabilis

Haggarty�s work is matched superbly by the lush realism of artist Brockbank {who} does an amazing job of not only conveying the hardships of Poika and his tribe, but also the fantastic, mythical aspects of the story. From black-eyed swan maidens, to ravening demonic babies, Brockbank creates a seamless visual world where the transition from eerie folk tale to brutal reality feels completely natural.
Gosh Comic Blog

Beautifully illustrated by Adam Brockbank, Mezolith is not an adventure story, although there is action, nor a horror story, although there is fantasy and mysticism and the supernatural; it weaves genre together in a blend of the spiritual and magical to create a uniquely haunting story.
SteveBear Alley

This book is something special. I read a lot of comics, but this one of the best I�ve encountered; moving, haunting, thrilling and compelling. Once you enter the story, it wont let you go...The lush visual detail will have you revisiting pages in wonder, noticing telling clues which the next chapter builds on. The layered narrative creates a powerful mythic journey, revisiting fairytales you thought you knew, but in Mezolith nothing is as it seems...will haunt and horrify you long after you turn the last page.
Daniel HahnThe Ultimate Book Guide

'Mezolith' is, quite simply, breathtaking. It immerses you so completely in its subject matter you can smell the hide, and the trailing smoke of its prehistoric camp fires. You can feel the wind teasing you, shifting to the East as the first flakes of Winter arrive in its wake. And you can taste the ever-present fear...Adam Brockbank's artwork is so completely immersive... and all around, there's Ben Haggarty's language, and his marvellous storytelling drawing you deeper in to Poika's world...This is a work that lingers long in the mind, with hypnotic and disturbing imagery that clings to the back of your eyes and
returns to haunt you in the wee hours. Young or old, big or small, you'll be beguiled and petrified. And frankly, if this doesn't break open the market for UK-created graphic fiction, well, then nothing ever will...


the book's continuity between its stories is tight and it helps bind together the world that writer Ben Haggarty has created. Adam Brockbank's artwork is impressive in its detail and the fluidity of its action sequences, as perhaps befits art from a film storyboard artist. His panels are both as beautiful and as horrific as the different stories require them to be.
Down the Tubes

Constant danger of injury or death, from wild animals or rival tribes, provides a great deal of excitement, but it�s the quieter character moments and the amazing, truly amazing, artwork that make this graphic novel essential reading.
The Leeds Guide

All in all, this book brings back the detailed and vivid life of sites of the Mesolithic period that only survived in flint debitage, fish leisters, human and animal bones, weapons and tools. The story also helps the reader to immerse themselves into the possible mentality of this period.
Frederick Feulner (University of York)Mesolithic Miscellany

a dazzling evocation of ancient life and lore through the wide eyes of a young boy
Paul Gravett

beautifully structured, gently told, traditional folk legends interwoven with the day to day lives of the Kansa...give MeZolith it�s unique feel. Ben Haggarty is a professional storyteller and it shows, as each chapter is told in a gentle, fascinating tone that resonates with an authentic voice...And to go with these incredible stories we have Adam Brockbank�s artwork; lush, colourful, realistic, and quite beautiful to look at...You�ll find yourself sinking into pages, living the MeZolithic life with the characters sharing in the everyday struggle and the vivid, often nightmarish imagary of the shamanistic storytelling.
RichardForbidden Planet Blog

This really is the work of a master storyteller, sharing mythic folk tales about swan princesses, a demonic flesh-eating baby and the raven child...Adam Brockbank's artwork is very different to much that we see in graphic novels these days. There is an almost photo realistic quality to it at times. The colours are very hypnotic in the way that they draw the reader into the story, and they complement the storytelling to perfection
The Book Zone for Boys

From the moment you open the book you are propelled into a world where your senses are assailed by the sheer power and majesty of Brockbank's image making. In terms of artistry he has created some of the most beautiful and compelling artworks that you will ever see within the pages of a comic/ graphic novel. This book goes beyond being the best graphic novel of 2010, it's probably one of the best graphic novels ever as well as being one of the best works of young fiction ever.
Cloud 109

an evocatively written, visually stunning piece of work.Ben Haggarty�s dialogue is both terse and poetic, his narrative steeped in the power of legend, and Adam Brockbank�s art is the perfect complement. The vistas he draws of a prehistoric world are lush and breathtaking, and his grasp of pacing is little short of brilliant. Those who love graphic novels or just plain good storytelling owe it to themselves to buy this book.
James LovegroveThe Financial Times

Visually powerful and with a text that is equally compelling and ferocious, this is an amazing stone-age horror story told as a gripping graphic novel...Full of mystery, magic and threat interspersed by rare moments of compassion, this is a gripping read.
Love Reading 4 Kids

A fabulous graphic novel about a Stone Age tribe, Ben Haggarty�s Mezolith is one of the gems that emerged from Fickling�s attempt at getting a new comic book going. Brilliantly illustrated by Adam Brockbank it is perfect for 9+ readers
Amanda CraigThe Times

A gorgeous book...beautifully drawn.

Thanks to the writer�s efforts, the world portrayed in MeZolith is highly believable and involving. Equally deserving of praise is artist Adam Brockbank, whose visuals really make the strip come to life. His illustrations� are lush, rich and detailed� there are moments in MeZolith where it�s almost possible to believe that the strip�s various characters might turn towards the reader and step off the page.
Matt BadhamJudge Dredd Megazine

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Alex Chapman
Just a quick question......

Are there any plans for a volume 2 of mezolith?

My nine year old son got book 1 for his birthday and its one of the few books he has picked up and read without being prompted. The whole book seems to catch his imagination with its engaging stories and impressive illustrations. He was even asking questions after reading them and we noticed him studying the artwork closely. He says Urga, the Swan lady and the owl people are his favourites. From a 'grown ups' prespective the artwork looks top notch and i can see the stories have a depth to them and touch on timeless themes. Well worth a book 2 if the quality is this good.
Graham Adamson
For some reason , in my first letter , I gave only 3 stars ... should have been 5 ... apologies .
Graham Adamson
I have been reading books for over 60 years now , and haveonly recently discovered the world of graphic novels . Having worked in archaeology , and having a particular interest in early man and early human cultures , I found 'Mezolith' to be a wonderful combination of imaginative fiction ,and beautiful convincing artwork ... a book to keep next to Michelle Paver's magical children's books , about a very similar world with it's roots in human mythology and the ancient art of storytelling . I look forward to the next book ... thank you for giving so much pleasure .
I bumped into this amazing book on the Expo at Excel, brilliant reminded me of Moebius, can't wait for the next one? When is it out?
P J Ebbrell
Absolutely stunning. Worth every penny. Looking forward to the next book.
This strip was not only a definite standout in the weekly DFC, but also the comics scene as a whole, and this collection is one that I can't wait to see.
Do whatever it takes to make sure there's more to come!
Great work Ben and Adam.