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Adam Brockbank

Comics were Adams first love, notably the black and white reprints of Silver-age Marvel comics that he found on the shelves of his local newsagent. It wasn't until later on that he discovered an astonishing shop in Soho called 'Dark they were and Golden-eyed', where he sampled the mysteries of strange new comics like Eerie and Creepy, and the forbidden fruit of Metal Hurlant, where his young mind was blown by the weird worlds of artists such as Moebius, Druillet and Corben.

The spell was broken when Adam fell deeply in love with painting, spending seven years studying it only to end up working in the film industry, first as a storyboard artist then later as a concept artist.

He has worked on many films including X-men, Sleepy Hollow and Tomb Raider, but it is for his work on all of the Harry Potter films that he is best known, designing creatures, props and vistas.
DFC Library: Mezolith by Ben Haggarty