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By M L Welsh
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Mistress of the Storm is an adventure-mystery featuring a twelve year old girl called Verity Gallant. Verity's life is perfectly normal, if a bit lonely, until the day when a strange man hands her a red leather-bound book. Then everything changes; she meets news friends, learns how to sail and discovers that her parents have been hiding a dark family secret which now threatens them all.

Verity is very much a means, for me, of exploring the themes of friendship, feeling like you don't quite fit in and having to deal with difficult people (with a dollop of adventure and magic thrown in!). A lot of adults try to pretend otherwise, but in my experience these are things that most people continue having to negotiate for the rest of their lives, at work and at home.

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A really gripping magical debut with a strong girl heroine.
Fiona NobleThe Bookseller

An action packed adventure, Welsh�s first novel promises a great read for both children and adults alike. Straight away you are thrown into a world of intrigue and questions that keep you guessing and captivated with every turn of a page.
My Child

This book is quite amazing... you don't want to leave... you don't want to stop reading!
Rose, aged 14Witch Hiker's Guide

Mistress of the Storm is the perfect read for younger teens who enjoy a hearty dose of mystery and for those who are transitioning from children's book to young adult novels.
Girls Without a Bookshelf

Mistress of the Storm is the perfect read for younger teens who enjoy a hearty dose of mystery and for those who are transitioning from children�s book to young adult novels...It has elements of folklore, magic and the general theme of good against evil, which is what really led me to believe that Mistress of the Storm is a particularly good book for younger teens. It is still rooted in the magic that kids adore in children�s book, but with a more edgy, more mature side that makes it close to a young adult book.
Book Babblers

Young readers will undoubtedly identify with social outcast Verity. Her character evokes empathy, while her courage and strength of character are also evident. Overall, the book is well-written and young adults will enjoy this compelling story.
Hello Magazine Book Blog

... as the first in a planned series of four stories abour Verity Gallant, there is enought nautical appeal here to make you hope that future instalments will set full sail.
CSBooks For Keeps

Melanie Welsh creates a convincingly magical world. It is close enough to our own to be recognisable for its every day details and yet has a believable magical side to it too...Welsh builds tension and twists emotions very cleverly. It's one of those delightful books that just makes you keep on reading one more chapter as you feel compelled to find out what happens...The final few chapters are thrillingly tense, and very exciting. Just very occasionally, when you have a new book to read by a new author, you find that you have come across a book that deserves to become a classic. This was definitely one of those books. I loved it all the way through, from start to finish, and would highly recommend it to adventure-loving children, and adults too.
Ruth NgThe Bookbag

I found Verity a very engaging heroine, believable and sympathetic. A very enjoyable read.

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