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By Dave Shelton
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Kirk Bergman and Duncan McBoo are pedigree police: the finest canine cops in all Muttropolis. And they�re never short of work. The city is heaving with cunning crooks and malevolent mongrels who would sell their own mother for a bone.

Join our dog detectives as they chase leads, sniff out crime, collar the bad guys and generally get their teeth into adventures full of action, suspense and . . . milkshakes.

Criminals beware: McBoo and Bergman are on your tail!

beautifully drawn with colours good enough to eat
The Bookwitch

a hilarious noir detective romp... Full of slapstick visual gags and great wordplay, you�ll soon develop a soft spot for these two lovable detectives.
Daniel HahnThe Ultimate Book Guide

blend of tough-guy detectives and doggy-style comedy...Definitely First-Class.
Paul Gravett

The plots are goofy, the laughs are there and writer/artist Dave Shelton has got more expression out of his characters than I thought possible. Let's hope we see more of the Muttropolis duo in the future.
Bear Alley

Sequential narrative (comic book panels to you and me) can offer more visual possibilities than straightforward writing and Dave Shelton makes full use of the form. ... This hairy whodunnit will thrill children from 5-99. Go fetch!
Emma ByrneInis (Ireland)

It is a brilliant homage to the classic noir detective movies, and pretty much every cop buddy movie going, and it is laced throughout with snappy dialogue and one-liners that will make you laugh out loud.
The Book Zone for Boys

Shelton�s artwork throughout is masterful, brilliantly controlled and perfectly paced to lay out every gag just right to get the most laughs.
RichardThe Forbidden Planet Blog

fun artwork, twisty plotlines and often groan inducing puns
Down the Tubes

If you're looking for something fun and frivolous for a younger reader, maybe a youngster who's recently discovered the joys of Asterix or Tintin, then you should steer them to Muttropolis, and indeed, David Fickling's library of anthologies are just the ticket for turning young eyes towards a wonderful world of comics.

The slapstick is outstanding.
Singapore Comix

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i haven't read it yet, but when i used to read the DFC, it was one of my faviorites.