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By Kate Brown
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They tell a prophecy of our homelands being crushed by a falling sky. That fate has been a shadow over our people ever since. The end has begun . . . in my lifetime.

Bekka and her people are facing the end of times. They must do all in their power to save themselves from the fate they believe is theirs. But destiny is like a tightly coiled snake. Which Bekka must unfurl without getting bitten . . .

Kate Brown's artwork in Spider Moon stands out with her unusual but delightful page layouts coupled with her use of colours...it shows just how much of a young talent its creator is and it tantalises us not just with how Bekka's story may continue but also with what else Kate Brown may produce in the future.
Down The Tubes

Beautifully drawn and coloured...Kate Brown has created a finely detailed world, down to individual communities with their own unique cultures and mythologies, and there is a very realistic sense of ordinary people doing their best to get on with their everyday lives, while being aware of the impending doom that threatens them. Bekka herself is an engaging heroine who will appeal to younger readers, balancing her fear of the prophecy with an optimism and determination to do her part to help. However, there is much to attract all ages here, with an intriguing political sub-plot...The first volume of The Spider Moon is an engaging and promising read.
Melissa HylandBear Alley

With some really interesting characters and brilliant illustrations, this book is sure to grip comic lovers .It is easy to follow and will certainly appeal to the older reader.
Jo MilneSouth Wales Argus

luscious eco-fable...Definitely First-Class.
Paul Gravett

The dramatic illustrations of this powerful graphic novel convey the tension of a world in which a prophesy looks horribly likely to come true.
Julia EccleshareLove Reading 4 Kids

younger readers...should be instantly engaged. The author has a lovely, decorative drawing style that's part manga, part Goble and Vess. Her clean line art is embellished with recurring motifs, strings of stars and little fishes meandering around the panels, guy ropes fixing others to the page. The book
works best as a first step towards the magical world of manga... Best of all, it will surely inspire a section of its readership to pick up a pen and get drawing, and to this end, there's even a step-by-step guide to creating the 'Spider Moon' cover art, tacked on to the end of this first book.

Toon Hound

a delightful story, with feisty, interesting characters all told in a wonderfully colourful and gentle style
RichardForbidden Planet Blog

a moving, exciting fantasy story... Superbly realised fantasy landscapes, from the depths of the sea to the labyrinthine Dekkan palace, and subtle characterisation, mean you�ll definitely want to visit spider moon, you just won�t want to leave. This is bold ambitious storytelling, that leaves you wanting more.
Daniel HahnThe Ultimate Book Guide

I absolutely loved the underwater illustrations and colours, it is simply wow.
Portrait of a Woman

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3 Reviews

Lovely book.

Both story and artwork.

Am waiting for the second book to come out.
I picked this up over the MCM Expo weekend looking to expand the comic and manga library for our club.

Out of the range of titles we picked up this really caught our attention due to the imagination and detail put into the creation of this world and the fantastic and dreamy art style.

Our one critism was that the pannels don't flow neatly at all times but it's easy enough to get over. We'll be on the lookout for more DFC at the next MCM Expo and more from The Spider Moon in the future! Thank you for the brilliant read!