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By Giles Andreae
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It�s years since he last changed his t-shirt
It�s crusty and crawling with ants
His shoes are all slurpy and squelchy inside
And potatoes grow out of his pants

Morris is sweet, charming... and completely disgusting!
Kids will absolutely LOVE him.

This book claims to be the most revolting book of the year, and it's not wrong! This is a great new picture book written by the ever so talented Giles Andreae and illustrated by Sarah McIntyre. It has fantastic rhyming text, and Morris gets more and more gross as the story develops...this is an amazing book for reading it out-loud which will have you little ones in stitches. You will have to read this over and over again, so be prepared!
Library Mice

DISGUSTING! I am still feeling faintly queasy after reading this book, but my class, of course, absolutely loved it!...The illustrations are wonderfully nauseous'
Child Education Plus

...this is not a tale for the faint-hearted, but children who enjoyed the bottom humour of Giles Andreae�s Pants will doubtless love it

�must be the most revolting picture book of the year! Morris the Mankiest Monster just gets worse and worse as you read aloud the rhyming text, snot, ear wax, pustules�it�s really hard to keep going. This book needs a warning to parents � they�re going to have to read it over and over again � children will absolutely love it.
The Bookseller

...you can�t look at that image without grinning inanely. That�s Morris The Mankiest Monster...When even the cover and the press release can raise a smile it�s a good sign that this will be a really good picture book for children (and grown ups as well!)
Fictions Blogspot

This is easily the most disgusting picture book I have ever read.
Fantasy Book Review

Treading the tightrope between revolting and sweet is hard but Morris does it. What a gem!
HThBooks for Keeps

...the most revolting monster book I�ve ever read. Morris the Mankiest Monster has ear wax like hot cheese as well as pustules, boils and rotting toe nails. In short, he�s adorable.

...it�s a book that plasters a huge smile across your face even before you�ve opened it up. Inside you�ve a beautifully drawn and written picture book that should delight younger readers; boys and girls alike will be enthralled by Morris� mucky and smelly world and will want you to read the rhyming text over and over and over again. Every page is full of little details, most of them as revolting as possible...Morris The Mankiest Monster � a worthy successor to Raymond Briggs� Fungus The Bogeyman, packed with fun, a great rhyming reader to be enjoyed again and again, beautifully drawn and guaranteed to have your young ones asking for more.
Forbidden Planet

There is something about snot which intrigues at this age and Morris the Mankiest Monster provides plenty of toenails, pustules and other delights from a disgusting but friendly monster
Alison WalshIrish Independent on Sunday

more marvellous muckiness
Helen BrownThe Telegraph

It will have your kids squealing and giggling and going 'ewwwww' and 'euurggghhh' all the way through and I guarantee they will have you reading it over and over again !
The illustrations are brilliant too - brightly coloured and intricate enough for you to notice extra details every time you read it through. 5/5

Madhouse Family Reviews

Adults will be revolted and struggle to read to the end; children, I'm afraid, will just love it.
Nursery World

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