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Lyn Gardner
Posted on Friday?21st?August

Hello, my name is Lyn Gardner and I'm the author of Into the Woods and Out of the Woods. They are stories about three 'almost' orphans called Storm (who is just like her name), Aurora and Any.

I began writing Into the Woods in a creepy old house in the middle of a forest. I wrote it for my children who are called Ellie and Izzy and for their cousins. Every day I would write some of the story and then I would read it to the children that night. One of the things I've learned is that writing takes lots and lots of practise. So much so that often it makes you're hand hurt from holding the pen so tightly. Sometimes I write on a lap-top. While I was writing Into the Woods I used the B key on my laptop so much it stopped working, so I had to write sentences that didn't have a B. You should try it sometime, it's very, very difficult.

I get lots and lots of practice writing because I don't just write books but I also work as a journalist on a newspaper called The Guardian. I am a theatre critic on The Guardian and I write a review almost every day of a show I've been to see. I expect you know what a review is and you might have written some book reviews yourself.
If you want to be a writer, you really do have to practise. A lot of people like the idea of being a writer, but don't really want to have to do the writing. This may sound obvious, but to be a writer you have to actually write, and get your words on paper. You write a few words and they become a sentence and the sentence becomes a paragraph and the paragraph becomes a page. Sometimes it's very slow and painful, but often the more you do of it the easier it becomes. I loved writing Into the Woods. After a while there was no pain at all in writing, only pleasure. It was like watching a movie unfold in my head and I just had to write it down.

Where do I get ideas from? Like all good writers, I steal them. This doesn't mean that I copy down chunks of other people's books because that would be cheating, but it does mean that I use all the stories I read, the movies I see, the things I over-hear, even songs and poems as inspiration. I file them away in my head?and sometimes in a notebook?and them some point later I use them in a novel. I think that writing a novel is a bit like cooking. You get all the ingredients and you chuck them in the pot, stir it and season it a little, let it cook on a low heat and if you're lucky and your ingredients were good in the first place, you end up with something delicious. The best moments as a writer are when the story itself takes over and takes on a life of its own. That happened when I was writing Into the Woods. There were times when I was writing Into the Woods when I was surprised by where the characters took the story. It's a bit like magic.

Out of the Woods by Lyn Gardner Out of the Woods by Lyn Gardner Into the Woods by Lyn Gardner
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I loved Into the Woods and Out of the Woods. I think they should be made into movies too. I realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy.......... hope you write more books. My teacher and Mom thought they were great like I did and they want you to write more books. Please please please please pleas please please please please please please please please please please please please.......... do.(:
i really loved your book AGAIN the only bit that made me cry was when it said auroa strom and any for ever and for alwaays that just made me cry. i really hop that the books u made of into the woods nd out of the woods book,i really think it should be a movie the book is the best book i have ever readed in my live, i really hope you should make anver bookor maby a movie i love it.
really love out of the woods the boook when my teacher brank it got it stright away i love every bit about the book ad when i fish it i just keep on reading it again i really do hope u could make anver book of out of the woods aroua and any and storm the three of us alone the three of us toghter forever and for always it just made me cry at the end i really hope u could make just a good book like out of the woods i came on the internet and i thought to myslef the boook was so good i thought it was a movie i really think both of thoses books shoyld be a movie out of the woods and into the woods, i really loved it thank you out of the woods is my favourte book
Sami Ward
I hope you write a third book and a fourth and a fifth and just write forever!
Sami Ward
I love Into The Woods.I saw it in the library and honestly I thought it looked stupid(no afense)but I read it and it was great.I can't wait for Out Of The Woods.My dad is getting it for me for my birthday.I have tried to write a story before but nothing has come to me.I want to be an author when I'm older so do you have any advice?
I liked your book so much I read it again even though it was overdue by more than a week!

Into The Woods is my favorite book of all time. I'm being serious. On my 1-10

list Into The Woods is a 67, and that's on a 1-10 list. My favorite character is Kit. To be honest I have a crush on him (too bad he's not a real person). I like Storm too she's a great main character. It must have been hard to write without a B key, I mean so far I have used the B key 7 times. I didn't know that you had written Out Of The Woods, and can't wait to read it (once I find it). I can't seem to find it in my school library or my city library, although I found Into The Woods in both of the libraries. I obviously didn't imagine Kit like you did because in my head he is much shorter than what you wrote in the book and more of Storm's age (whatever that is) instead of Aroura's, but that's just me. It would be great to see you write another book. I'm going to be sad again when I finish Out Of The Woods, because I'll have nothing by you left to read. I don't know why, but I always seem to have crushes on the boy's with blonde or black hair. For instance Michael Buckley's series The Sisters Grimm, I have a crush on Puck who is even less of a real person than Kit (he also has a wierder name, but his name wasn't up to me it was up to Shakespear. I'm guessing wierd had a very different meaning. I'm rambling on aren't I? I'll stop and give you some more examples of blonde and black haired people (who aren't real) that I have crushes on (only people from books and movies). Okay here it goes: Seigi Amasawa, Haku, Patsu (all from movies by Hayao Miyazaki), Puck (from the sisters grimm series),and KIT. So I'll stop boring you to death. I don't think you really care about what characters from other things I have crushes on so, yeah.