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Charlie Small
Posted on Sunday?7th?June

We don't know much about Charlie Small. We don't know what he looks like or where he comes from. All we do know is that he's eight-years-old, and looks like any boy you might pass in the street. But Charlie Small is an eight-year-old with one big difference ? according to his incredible journals, he has lived for four hundred years!
Nick Ward, gentleman explorer, found the first Charlie Small journal washed up on the muddy banks of the river Wyre at Skippool in Lancashire. No one is sure where it came from, but tests show that the paper in the notebook is at least four hundred years old. Since this first discovery, seven more journals have been found in the most unusual places and sent to us, the publishers of these remarkable adventures.

We are desperate to hear of any more journals and try and discover the whereabouts of this lost boy adventurer. We are even organising an expedition to send Nick Ward (now designated as Custodian of the Charlie Small Journals) and a crew of like-minded explorers in search of Charlie and try to bring him back home. If you have any information about Charlie, if you think you know what might have happened to him, please contact us through our special
Charlie website: http://www.charliesmall.co.uk

Visit the Charlie Small website and sign-up to receive your FREE Charlie Small scrapbook.
Charlie Small: Land of the Remotosaurs by Charlie Small Charlie Small: Planet of the Gerks by Charlie Small Charlie Small: Forest of Skulls by Charlie Small Charlie Small: The Mummy's Tomb by Charlie Small Charlie Small: Gorilla City by Charlie Small Charlie Small: Pirate Galleon by Charlie Small Charlie Small: The Puppet Master's Prison by Charlie Small Charlie Small: Destiny Mountain by Charlie Small Charlie Small: The Underworld by Charlie Small Charlie Small: Frostbite Pass by Charlie Small Charlie Small: The Barbarous Brigands of Frostbite Pass by Charlie Small Charlie Small: Charlie and the Underworld by Charlie Small Charlie Small: The Daredevil Desperados of Destiny by Charlie Small Charlie Small: The Puppet Master by Charlie Small Charlie Small: Gorilla City by Charlie Small Charlie Small: The Perfumed Pirates of Perfidy by Charlie Small
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vere good books
Hi i love ur books i have read all of them i cant wait to read land of the remotosaurs. Is Charlie Small your real name? and how many books will u write please say on ur website.

PS. if u go on ur website it doesnt say anything about Book 10 ( remotosaurs ) is it because its not out yet

pps. where does valley of terrors com from
Iesha Taipeti
Your Books rule you should write some more too. P.S YOU ROCK HARD.
Charlie Small

I wish I could be your cycic on your remarkable adventures!

Stephen Pritchett
Dear Mr David Fickling

Is there a seventh charlie small coming out? Because in the Barbarous brigands of frostbite pass, it says THIS IS WHERE CHARLIE'S JOURNAL ENDS is this true?
charlie hall
these books are amazing

my favourite ones gorilla city.

and also is almost got the same name as me

u r de greatest!!!!!!!!
Kathi Hori
Is Charlie Small the author Joshua Mowll? Just that I am struck by the similarities between the books by the 'two' authors.

Fantastic adventures, travelling, great technical style illustrations as well as the chatty style of writing. Obviously geared to different age groups, but otherwise.....
Nadine Meadows
Dear David Fickling,

What age would be appropriate for a teenager to start reading Mark Haddon's book, 'The Curious Incident of the Dog

in the Night-Time'? I am aware that there is quite a lot of bad language and adult themes in this book, so I would like to know what age he intended the reader to be and thinks suitable? I would be so grateful if you could get back to me on this one.

Thanks so much for your help.

Nadine Meadows