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Ben Jeapes
Posted on Sunday?7th?June

I have written for as long as I can remember. It just took me a while to get round to putting it down on paper. Life is like one of those sliding block puzzles, with the difference that by sliding the blocks around you can make any picture you like. Every person / experience / emotion / place you encounter is a block. I slide the ones in my life around and I make new stories where none existed before.

And here's an interesting fact about books. Chances are you've seen at least one movie in your time where you thought it could have been done better. Maybe an actor wasn't really the right choice for a role; the effects weren't as convincing as they could have been; a big surprise was given away because it featured a big-name actor who you knew wouldn't have been blown on a throwaway line; it was just too long and you wanted to go to the toilet.

However, no one has ever read a book and found that the effects were inadequate. The special effects budget of a novel is unlimited ? it's the reader's imagination. Every character is perfect for the part. Twists and turns can be hidden behind innocent words that the readers don't even notice until they explode in their faces.

Books are the best medium in the world to work with. They are universally enfranchised. Words don't become incompatible if they're written on a different kind of paper. Paper doesn't suddenly become unreadable because it needs to upgrade. The text doesn't slow down because the book needs more memory.

I love working with books. Who would want to do otherwise?

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John Dickinson
Ben - I've been asked by a fan of yours if there's going to be a sequel to New World Order. Do you have any beans to spill on this?

Best wishes,