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Ben Haggarty
Ben Haggarty is a teller of traditional tales � famous for dynamic performances and vivid composition. He holds in his mind a repertoire of over 350 carefully researched, repaired, recombined and recreated folktales, fairy tales and myths; some are 3 minutes long, some are 3 hours long! For more than a quarter of a century he has been a pioneer of the revival of professional storytelling in Britain, telling stories to adults and children.

Comics were Adam Brockbank's first love, notably the black and white reprints of Silver age Marvel comics that he found on the shelves of his local newsagent. Adam spent seven years studying painting only to end up working in the film industry, first as a Storyboard artist then later as a Concept artist. He has worked on many films including 'X-men', 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'Tomb Raider', but it is for his work on all of the 'Harry Potter' films that he is best known, designing Creatures, props and vistas.

DFC Library: Mezolith by Ben Haggarty
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Graham Richard Adamson
A wonderful find
I loved Mezolith, saw it in the local bookshop and walked past, lusting after it for several trips there, then bought it, and loved it to bits!! Please tell me if there are more out there?

Ben Haggarty
Dear Crystal,

I am intrigued by what you have told me. When I refer to the Kansa I'm not referring to the Kaw nation. My 'Kansa' are an imaginary group of ancestors living in the area of Britain that lies between the rivers Esk and Tees and east of the Cleveland Hills - in other words an area which is now part of the North Yorkshire Moors. 10,000 years ago this was all under forest... (Britain was not an island then and all human ancestors, on all continents, were tribal). The word Kansa comes from a very old language still spoken in parts of Europe (I'd prefer not to say publicly which language it is, as that would reveal part of my creative process!). In that language, the word, Kansa, means: the people, the tribe, the nation... Which I suspect it may do for you too! What a coincidence?! Primal languages contain spirited and essential sounds that really do have meaning.

If you would like a copy of the book for your museum archive I would be happy to send one to you.

Ben Haggarty
Matthew Bunce
Mezolith arrived today. I have read it, My 6 year old son has read it. we both think it is awesome. Very powerful, emotive and beautiful, both in art and words. Are there any more?
Crystal Douglas
Mr. Haggarty

My name is Crystal Douglas I am the Kanza Museum Director for the Kaw Nation. In Kaw City Oklahoma. You can coferm this by going to the web site, www.kawnation.com and looking under history and then the Kanza museum. If you did not know the Kaw Nation is the Kansa People. I was reserching the Kaw for a time line from the 1500's to 2010 and stumbled onto your book the Mezolith. I have been unable to find a seller in the USA for your book and I am not allowed by the Tribe to purchus over the net. What I am asking is the opertunity to put this book in my Musem and make it avalible for the Tribe. The Kanza Museum is dedicated strictly to the Kanza and what has to do with them. Could you send me a copy to arcive or let me know where in the US it is sold. I think the kanza people would be very interested in your story.

Crystal Douglas

Kanza Museum

Kaw Nation

Drawer 50

698 Grandview Drive

Kaw City, Oklahoma 74641

1-866-404-5297 toll free
P J Ebbrell
I found this book by accident at Forbidden Planet and was blown away by both the story and the art. The only quibble I have would be the word balloons - I would prefer just having text without the lines as in Bryan Talbot's Luther Artwright.

I remember telling my archaeologist friend that the stone age was boring, but over the years, I have come to regret that statement. There is a lot more to the period. Not sure if you have read this book - The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age by Richard Rudgley. Absolutely fascinating.

A great story, but only book 1! When will book 2 be out?
Ben Haggarty
Dear Marie,

MeZolith is aimed at children approaching adulthood. The story is set in the times of our ancestors 10,000 years ago and the life depicted was occasionally very difficult. We didn't want to romanticise the past, so we have not pulled our punches. I suggest that you look at the book first before buying it, then you can decide whether you think your daughter is mature enough to read it.

Best wishes


Dear Ben

My 10year old daughter is begging me to get her Mezolith! she's into beast quest and sculdagery pleasent. Whilst these books are for her age group can you confirm the Mezolith has no adult 18 content. ie sexual references or graphic details of torcher? Thanks