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By Mark Haddon
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Boom! Is a roller-coaster read with spaceships, spies and mortal danger!

Jim and his best friend Charlie weren�t looking for adventure, when they decided to bug the staffroom . . . But then they overhear their teachers speaking in a secret language and it�s too late to turn back. And now they have to explain to the police, the headmistress and their parents where they�ve been for a whole week � without mentioning the aliens.

A funny, pacy adventure that blends a fairly kitchen sink set of family dynamics with some utterly zany fantasy. The whole thing is a pleasure to read and I think probably a pleasure to share reading aloud. There is a big whiff of Roald Dahl anarchy about it, especially in the way the adults are awfully bad or bumblingly hopeless. The children save the day just as children should. A crackling little story
Jill Murphythebookbag.co.uk

A hilarious adventure by Mark Haddon, who has an innate and dazzling rapport with his target audience
The Bookseller

An explosive adventure
Bookseller, Children's Buyer's Guide

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